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Skimmer Sensor

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Sensor voor je afschuimer, meet hoe vol het reservoir is. Aan te sluiten op een break-out-box
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All the sensors on our website you can use to measure the lower water level, high water level and of course the float and skimmer level. All the sensors have the same dia, only the length of each sensor is different.

You can disassemble the part from the cable of the Skimmer Sensor. You can turn the top off (above the white circle) and remove the whole topside and the cable. The length of the floating rod is around 8/9 centimeters.

Diameter of the top: 23.09mm

Length of the top: 43.13mm

Diameter of the bottom: 8.15mm

Length of the bottom: 106mm

Total length: 149.13


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