Neptune Systems
Apex Kit Lab Grade
Starterskit with: Apex unit, Energy Bar 6, Display module, temperature probe and ph probe (lab grade).
Neptune Systems
Apex 2016 Grade Lab Kit
Maxpect Gyre Interface Module
Hook up your Maxspect Gyre XF-130 or XF-150 pump to most 3rd party controllers using an available 0-10 volt port.
Neptune Systems
ApexEL Entry Level System
Neptune Systems
COR Pump
Neptune Systems
Apex (2016) Base unit
Neptune Systems
Flow Monitoring Kit
Neptune Systems
Automatic Top-Off Kit
Backup Battery
Hook up your 12v aquarium pump to the IceCap Battery Backup for continuous operation up to 35 hours after the loss of power.
Neptune Systems
DOS + DDR Combo Pack
Neptune Systems
WAV Starterkit
2 WAV streaming pumps, a 1LINK module and a power supply. Suitable for Neptune Systems APEX Aquacontroller.
Neptune Systems
Automatic Feed System - AFS
Feeding system for your APEX computer. Determine how much and how many food your fish will get. Suitable for dry food.
Neptune Systems
Energy Bar 6 - EB6
Smart power strip with 6 sockets, versatile programmable / switchable and including energy metering!
Neptune Systems
Solenoid valve
Neptune Systems
DOS Dosing System
Dosing unit with 2 channels for very precise dosing from 0.1ml!
Neptune Systems
Conductivity 53ms Calibration Fluid
Calibration fluid for use with the conductivity probe and PM2 for salt water monitoring.
Neptune Systems
PAR Monitoring Kit
Monitor the light intensity of your aquarium with this PAR meter, including 'Real Reef Rock'
Neptune Systems
Vortech Pump Controller - WXM
This module can connect your Vortech pumps to your Apex computer. Making your pump(s) completely controllable and programmable.
Neptune Systems
Conductivity Probe Lab Grade
Conductivity probe for monitoring the salt / salinity in the water.
Neptune Systems
Leak Detection Kit
Neptune Store
skimmer sensor
Neptune Systems
Optical Sensor with Magnetic Support
Neptune Systems
I/O Breakout Box
Breakut box with 6 channels suitable for floaters, switches, leak detectors, push buttons and more.
Neptune Systems
10.00 pH Calibration Fluid
10.00 pH calibration fluid for use with pH probes of Neptune Systems.