Maxpect Gyre Interface Module

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The IceCap Gyre Interface Module is an after-market product that will allow you to hook up your Maxspect Gyre pump to most 3rd party controllers by using an available 0-10 volt port. This makes the Module very versatile and almost universally compatible with most controllers including the Apex by Neptune Systems or the Reef Angel among others.

Another great feature of the module is that it allows you to hook up your gyre to a backup battery. The module will automatically detect when main power is lost and will slow the gyre the 30% speed to extend the life of the battery. The module is backwards compatible and will run gyres already on the market.

Alternate Gyre Mode Modified Cable for IceCap Gyre Interface Module

This cable allows you to run your Maxspect Gyre in both forward and reverse direction by using one full Variable Speed port on your Apex to connect two 0-10v signals to a single IceCap Gyre Interface Module.

On your APEX, you will need to set up two Variable Speed pumps to control a single gyre. The first variable speed outlet will control the speed of the pump. You can set speeds ranging from 20% to 100%. The second variable speed outlet will control the direction of the pump. Set it to 0% and the pump will more in forward direction... set it to 100% and the pump will more in reverse direction.

NOTICE: To run the Maxspect Gyre in Alternating Gyre Mode (forward and reverse) you will need the Alternating Gyre Mode Modified Cable (sold separately).

  • Change the Gyre’s flow pattern multiple times a day
  • Alternate pulsing frequency of the gyre
  • Sync or anti-sync multiple pumps*
  • Set operating modes like; feed, night, service, etc.
  • Run Maxspect Gyre in Alternating Gyre Mode (additional cable needed - sold separately)
  • Battery Backup Compatible
  • Backwards compatible
  • Neptune Apex Ready

 *Requires individual interface modules per pump.

The Maxpect Gyre pump will work with the Ice Cap XF150 and XF250 Interface. 

Harry james-king 07-10-2017 14:33

I am very happy with neptune store, fast delivery.
Icecap module has opened up so many more settings for the gyre on my apex allowing me to finetune different types of flows throughout the day compared to my xf230 advanced controller have already noticed difference in polp extension on my acroporas. To sum up I highly recommend this product

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